Top 10 best Lighting Gobos 2018 Review

Gobos are very important tools with which we can control light. A Gobo (Goes before Optics) is a pattern or stencil that blocks or allows light through it. Gobos are usually placed before or inside a light source. This is used to control the shape of light coming from the source. There are several other uses of Gobos besides this. Gobos can be made of different types of materials, such as metals or glass. Deciding on the right Gobo for you is not often easy because of the many types available. We will count down the top 10 best lighting gobos available in the market right now. These gobos are made of different materials and are for different purposes. Hopefully, you find the best one for you.

These are the Top 10 best Lighting Gobos for you to pick from:

10. Raz25LED gobo for outdoor projector


This is a very versatile gobo that can serve several purposes. It can be used to project advertisements, logos and any other visual projections. The wattage of this device stands at 25. It offers an LED projection with a manual focus adjustment. You are sure of a uniform beam distribution when using this gobo. Several customers have commended the low heat emission property of this device. This gobo is also very resistant to corrosion. However, this gobo is not very suitable for indoor operations.

9. Lastolite LL LS2625 gobo

This is one gobo that can create super cool background effects. This gobo comes with two masks that aid its operation. It takes a traditional size B and allows you create impressive lighting without having to move location. With a weight of 7.5 ounces, this device is quite lightweight. Customers have praised the ease of operation of this gobo. You have the opportunity of creating “out of focus” effects with this gobo.

8. RC Selfie gobo

This is a very efficient selfie gobo for smartphones. This gobo works well on a variety of smartphone types, including Samsungs and iPhones. You need not worry about taking pictures in low lighting with this device, as it provides you the perfect light to make your picture come out well. This device is powered by 2 AAA batteries and is very convenient to carry around. You can adjust the brightness level offered by this device to suit your needs. This gobo has 36 LED lights and does not heat up after continuous use. You have to ensure the battery of this device never runs out when using it.

7. Bowens BW-1879 M-Size Gobos

These are very versatile gobos designed to fit maxlite and keylite reflectors. This device is easy to use, as it can be adjusted to light sources easily. This set comes with 12 designs of gobos, offering you variety.

6. Lastolite LL LS2612 gobo

This is one of the best gobos that creates interesting designs with very attractive backgrounds. This kit contains three designs of gobos. With a weight of 0.3 ounces, this device is very convenient to carry around. Customers have labeled it a must for strobists, as it very effective and efficient.

5. Osram Kreios G1 gobo

This is a lightweight gobo image projector that is compactly designed. It produces crisp and clear lighting quality. This device is very easy to use and has a range of up to 20 feet. There are no harmful radiations from this device, so there is no danger involved in using this gobo projector. However, the cord of this device is unusually short and might need to be hardwired.

4. Honl photo speed gobo

This a very versatile speed gobo that helps create amazing lighting effects. This device is made of polymer and ballistic nylon. One side acts to keep light from flaring into your lens while the other side acts as a bounce card. This is a lightweight device at 2.1 ounces that solve most of your lighting needs. However, this device is not always easy to adjust to every camera type.

3. American DJ Indoor Projector

This is a very bright 10W LED gobos projector that has a very wide range of applications. Four gobo gels are included with a size of 26.8mm and viewable size of 24mm. This device has a safety hook, so you do not have to worry about mishaps. Its voltage is switchable. The design of this device is impeccable and it is very easy to use. The weight of this device might prove heavy to some.

2. American DJ Pinpoint CW

This is a battery powered gobo that can produce special lighting effects. The battery of this device takes 6.5 hours to get full, which some might consider a downside. You can manually adjust the angle of beam and focus on this device. Several customers have lauded the level of customization available on this device.

1. American DJ IKO100

This is a very reliable and durable indoor projector. With a power rating of 60 watts, this device offers the best lighting effect you can ask for. It comes with four replaceable four gobo patterns. The quality of output of this device is very clear and top notch. This device has a wide variety of applications given its adjustable beam angles. The downside to this device might be its affordability.

From size to material type, to color, several things have to be considered before selecting the perfect gobo for your needs. This top 10 best lighting gobos article has undoubtedly simplified your selection process. Gobos are essential lighting tools and making sure you get the right one will provide the best result for your projections.