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Top 10 best wire stripping machines 2018 review

Strippers and wire strippers are used to prevent the protection of electrical wires and coaxial connections between different types of wiring. A stripper generally refers to a handy device that is versatile, but a stripping machine is a modern version of it that is used as part of the evacuation of hardcore packages.

Top 10 best wire stripping machines 2018 review

10. SST

The SST Wire Stripper is designed to be the ideal and last stripping machine you should buy. Accuracy CNC machined from high-quality aluminum billet; this programmed wire stripper makes it easy to distribute protection against a range of scrap wire.

9. PENSON and CO.

Made of high-quality, unique alloy. Incredible granular workmanship, easy to cut the defense front of the wire. Ultimately longer administration time than fast steel. The motor spares your opportunity against other programmed stripping machines. It’s stripping speed is about 60 feet for each moment. Leisure and vitality, right? • Can be widely used as a part of car wiring equipment treatment, aviation wire preparation, sound and information line, wire reuse destruction and various enterprises.

8. Hardware & Outdoor STP 1000#

This practical and robust wire stripper is perfect for evacuating the hard plastic and providing elastic coverage / protection against the intact wire. In a perfect world, you need to tackle this copper wire stripping tool with a balanced seat lock in your workshop, plus carport. The exceptionally planned edges consist of carbon-rich steel. This stripping device is intended to strip various wire dimensions.

7. StripMeister

The StripMeister Original was developed from aluminum of the strong airship and will never twist or maltreat. All precision machining with five-axis CNC machining innovation. It also works in the “ROMEX” connection: allows you to cut multi-layered wires in one shot. The cutting edge and feeder are made of hot treated steel. Contains the innovation for feeding winding sections for a very accurate wire drawing.


Do not try to lose the time with the other WIRE BELTS that you need to set each time you change wire sizes !!! THIS MACHINE AUTOMATICALLY CONNECTED !!!! What isolates this machine from the opposition is the above proclamation. Anyone who has used a standard stripper recognizes that it takes a considerable amount of investment and labor to modify the edge anywhere and here and there. This machine saves you this time. There are 1 set of milling cutters/rolls. The spring-stack system allows you to change the pressure of the cutting tools, depending on which wire or sheath estimate you are cutting – this reduces the life of the sharp edges. You can cut two wires without a delay of the moment if you need.

5. BestEquip

This stripping machine can be effectively attached to any seat or workplace. Outstanding lightweight construction made of sturdy aluminum. Used for evacuation of plastic and elastic protection from an intact piece of wire. Effortless interfaces with penetrate for programmed stripping. This machine is programmed, and the wire run is up to 25mm. It is far from difficult to work with a wrench or powered, versatile and helpful to penetrate vitality saving

4. U.S. Solid

This model is fantastic for many electrical applications. It’s a fast and convenient machine with incredible speed and accuracy to meet all your business needs. You can create a variety of slicing and stripping projects to change your activity by simply changing the amount, stripping length, etc. on the LCD screen.

3. Lfaize

There are many models of manual wire stripper today. Usually, you need to modify the sharp edge, insert the wire, and then pull the wire through the wire guide wheels. But we think that pulling the wire still requires excessive effort. So we planned our hand wrench copper wire wiper. Instead of pulling the wire, you only have to turn the key arm to remove the wire. Much less demanding than the DRAW style. The patent is pending.

2. Steel Dragon Tools

The WRA35 automatic wire stripping machine from Steel Dragon Tools will strip 34 AWG up to 1-1 / 2-inch (1.5 mm to 38 mm). The WRA35 is designed for portability, highlighting the fully protected sharp edges and the Crisis Stop Button to ensure well-being. This machine is perfect for destruction organizations, reuse of organizations, contract workers or electricians. The removal of old wire can cause higher costs when reused. Depending on the scrap metal costs and the size of the wire, this machine could pay for itself within a few hours.

1. Nordstrand

Easy to install and easy to use This Nordstrand stripping machine, made of high-quality, hardened steel, fits immovably into your workbench or table, creating a solid workstation. Quick discharge beats make it easy to loosen and put away. Minimized and strong, your stripping should be both fast and accurate.


The machine you can use is largely controlled by the main order. The reality, however, is that the two types of strippers are accessible in manual and programmed compositions. They all work to make the job easier, as opposed to trying to remove the wires with uncovered hands that do the same number of individuals.