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Top 3 Best Phone Optical Lens 2018 Review

Smartphones are always evolving. New features and software upgrades are constantly being released to make our mobile phone experience more convenient and exciting. The iPhone is no exception. Although this brand of smartphones is already renowned for its brilliant camera quality and spectacular image enhancement features, a fixed focal view is still not suited for all photography subjects. And that is why the Apple Company has taken things to the next level and has introduced optics lenses that you can attach to your iPhone like an accessory. These optics lenses will not only increase the quality of the pictures you take but will give them a professional touch. To help you figure out which product to choose that will be most beneficial to you, here are the top 3 best optics lens for iPhone and their specifications.

3. CamKix Camera Lens Kit

This optic lens is suitable for iPhone 6 and 6S only. This lens is pocket size and easily portable. It has four different lenses to beef up your photographs and images. Suitable for taking large group shots. The lens comes in white and is made of plastic.This lens has a combination of telephoto, macro and fisheye lenses that allow the user to take a wide array of quality photographs. It comes with a tripod stand that has to readjust table legs for easy height adjustment and portability. The lens weighs 11.2 ounces, has dimensions of 6.1 by 3.1. by 3.5 inches.


This lens has a screw mount that is better than the clip on for more stability.


It is very iPhone specific and will not function on any other iPhone, including the iPhone 6/6S Plus.

2. Moment Telephoto Lens

This lens is considered as one of the best optic lenses for iPhone in the market. It is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus phones and gives the user a two times closer look at a subject reducing your reliance on the digital zoom feature on the phone. This is ideal for capturing profiles and mostly during trips and adventures. This lens has cinema grade glass which gives the images a more authentic and natural appearance. This lens comes with a microfiber bag and a complimentary mounting plate. The Moment Telephoto magnification ratio is 2.0X and its Resolution is 150 Lps.


It can be used with a variety of iPhones including iPhone 7 series.


It is a very delicate lens and care needs to be taken to avoid friction damage.

1. Moment Wide

This is the sister lens to the Moment Telephoto lens and they are very similar save for a few differences in the specs. It is 18mm thick and is compatible with iPhone 6 series of the phone. This lens has a multi layer of various elements, a magnification ratio of .63X.


It has an excellent magnifying capability


The lens is quite expensive and you may be able to find other lenses for cheaper