Top 10 Best Paper Napkin Dispensers 2018 Review

There is a wide range of napkin dispensers available in today’s market. You often tend to get confused while making a decision in buying the best paper napkin dispensers. Let’s make this an easy shopping for you.

Here goes the list of TOP 10 BEST PAPER NAPKIN DISPENSERS.

Here are top 10 best paper napkin dispensers in 2018 reviews.

#10 New Star-24074 Stainless-Steel Tall Fold Napkin-Dispenser

New Star 24074 Stainless Steel Tall Fold Napkin Dispenser, 3.875 by 4.75 by 7.5-Inch

This is a 3.875 x 4.75 x 7.5-inch napkin dispenser. The body is composed of stainless steel. It comes with nonslip rubber feet. It is most suitable for restaurant use. The New Star 24074 comes with a spring loaded mechanism for easy napkin disposal. Another major fact is that it has dual dispensers.

#9 New Star Foodservice-24043 Stainless-Steel Short Napkin-Dispenser

New Star Foodservice 24043 Stainless Steel Short Napkin Dispenser, 3.875 by 4.75 by 5.5-Inch

This is a 3.875 x 4.75 x 5.5-inch napkin dispenser. It comes in a fully furnished stainless steel body. It is highly recommended for restaurant purposes. The New Star Foodservice 24043 also features of a non-slip rubber feet. It also has dual dispensers and a spring loaded mechanism for easy napkin disposal.

#8 Tork-1TBS Napkin Table-Dispenser

Tork 1TBS Napkin Table Dispenser, Brushed Steel, Brushed Steel

It is a brushed steel napkin dispenser system. The product is built in solid steel. The dimensions are 3.8 x 7.3 x 4.1 inches. This has a highly durable brushed steel body. The smooth finish lets you clean easily. It also has a rubber foot that prevents it from skidding. It is a two-sided dispensing system.

#7 SCA-Tissue 17TBS Tork Brushed-Steel Tabletop 200 Napkin-Dispenser

SCA Tissue 17TBS Tork Brushed Steel Tabletop 200 Napkin Dispenser

This is a very compact napkin dispenser measuring 8.3 x 6.5 x 6.1 inches. It allows only single dispensing. It is mostly recommended for home use.

#6 Mini MorNap-Black & Chrome Mini-Fold Table Model Napkin-Dispenser

Mini MorNap Black & Chrome Mini Fold Table Model Napkin Dispenser

The product comes in a steel construction and can hold up to 105 mini napkins. It is very reliable and dispenses one at a time. It is a very affordable and economical option for your home. It also facilitates quick refilling and dispensing. It measures 5.8 x 4.4 x 4.3 inches. It is very compact and is suitable for home use.

#5 French Napkin-Dispenser “Madeleines

French Napkin Dispenser Madeleines - Diner Style - H 6 X L 4 X W 4 - Plus a Refill Bag

This is a French vintage diner-style napkin dispenser. It can hold 100 napkins at a time. The product comes with an additional refill bag as well. It has a vintage photograph of the metal body making it an attractive design. It measures 4 x 4 x 6 inches and the body is made of metal.

# 4 French Napkin-Dispenser “Cote D’Azur”

French Napkin Dispenser Cote D'Azur - Diner Style - H 6 X L 4 X W 4 - Plus a Refill Bag

This is an attractive French vintage design napkin dispenser. The body is made of solid metal with a Cote D’Azur design. It can hold up to 100 napkins. The product also comes with an extra bag of 100 napkins. It is a diner style design with a glance of Nice France and Provence. It measures 4 x 4 x 6 inches. It will fit into any home or restaurant easily.

# 3 Countertop Full-Fold Countertop Napkin-Dispenser

Countertop Full Fold Countertop Napkin Dispenser (1 sided)

This is a one-sided napkin dispenser built in fully furnished stainless steel. It makes room for napkins of size 4.5 x 5.25 x 6.5 inches. This product is exclusively made in the USA. It is most suitable for cafes and restaurants.

#2 Tall Fold Paper Napkin-Dispenser

Tall Fold Paper Napkin Dispenser (1 Dispenser) - AB-10-310-10

This napkin dispenser is an excellent option for use in break rooms and cafeterias. The dispenser works without any moving parts. You can refill the dispenser by using the hidden latch door. It is a very compact napkin dispenser.

#1 Georgia-Pacific MorNap-51602 Black & Chrome Full-Fold Table Model Napkin-Dispenser

Georgia-Pacific MorNap 51602 Black & Chrome Full Fold Table Model Napkin Dispenser, (WxDxH) 7.500 x 6.000 x 5.375

The MorNap 51602 finds a place among the TOP 10 BEST PAPER NAPKIN DISPENSERS. It is a full fold table model napkin dispenser which measures 7.5 x 6 x 5.375 inches. It has a durable steel construction and can hold up to 200 napkins. It offers quick and easy refill options. It could be used in home and restaurant.