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Top 10 Best Mains Chargers for Huawei Mate 10 Pro 2018 Review

Power backup is the most hitting thing to people who have their smartphones at hand. Charging your Huawei Mate 10 pro will call you to have a USB cable with collaboration to a mains charger. However, getting the best mains charger from the market today is a strenuous task. You need to have the best selection at hand. We have therefore sacrificed stringently to ensure that the products selected meet your demands. Get into our selection and all shall be perfect.

Top 10 Best Mains Chargers for Huawei Mate 10 Pro 2018 Review

10. DURAGADGET Quad-Port USB Travel Charger with 2-Pin EU Mains Wall Adapter

Are you worried about the best mains charger to use for your Huawei Mate 10 pro? This should be the best option thanks to the series of services offered. It is small and lightweight with a pocket fitting design to enhance portability. In addition, it is much unique and versatile to ensure that it is preferred over its competitors. Lastly, it has a built in protection against shock that will ensure that it is able to resist short circuiting.

9. DURAGADGET Travel Charger Mains Plug with Global Adapters

This is a brand new and highly exclusive brand that has all the features you would admire. It has a port that is meant to ensure that your USB cable is easily plugged in with a maximum compatibility. It has a technology design that ensures that it switches into safe mode when the battery is fully charger to prevent overcharging.

8. DURAGADGET Lightweight & Slim line European Travel Charger

This is a good and probably the best mains charger to use for charging purposes with the USB cable.it has a slim, small, light and compact design that makes it easy to travel with while hiking and travelling. Besides, in terms of compatibility and fitting, it is easily fitted with any Cable and hence preferred over its similar brands.

7. OEM Mate 10 Pro Compact 1.8A Wall Charger (black)

Have you been looking for the best mains and wall charger for you Huawei mate 10 pro but all in vain? This should be your lone solution. It features a universal, small, compact and lightweight size that makes it portable and meant for travels across borders. It has a long lasting combination of cables that are shielded for durability.

6. Universal World Wide Multi AC Mains Travel Plug Charger Adapter

Today we are happy to introduce you Brand New Universal World Wide Multi AC Mains Travel Plug Charger Adapter. It got 2 USB slots with charger adapter which fit to the world. Its max power is 1300w at 220v. With this charger and its adapter, you don’t need to worry again about the kind of power outlet in the world.

5. Maxracy International universal Travel Power Adapter

We are still acknowledging this mains charger due to its services to any Huawei Mate 10 pro user. It has 2 USB ports to charge two items at a time. Also, it features a compatible design that makes it easier to use the existing cable to charge your phone during power shortages. In addition, it has 4 kinds of plugs (USA, UK, Europe, AUST&Asia).

4. iTALKonline White Fast Charge Mains Charger Plug Adapter for Huawei Ascend Mate

Tired of getting the wrong options from the market? This should ease the process of selection from the market today. The mains charger features a compact design and a portable feature thanks to its small, slim and light size.

3. TITACUTE Huawei Super-Fast Wall Charger and USB Type C Cable

With a combination of the best USB charger in the world, this wall mains charger is perfect with a high compatibility to your USB cable device. In addition, it is easy to use with simple immersion of your preferred USB cable to ensure that you able to charge your phone at a high speed for peak reliability. Lastly, it has super fast charger technology to enhanced charging speed, saving more charging time.

2. iClever 45W USB Type C Power Delivery Wall Charger

iClever 45W USB Type C Power Delivery Wall Charger is a good mains charger if not the best of all the brands in the market today. It features a technological feature that prevents your phone from voltage irregularities and if the power exceeds the normal level, it is able to switch to safe mode to ensure that it stops charging to prevent overcharging.

1. Youway Fast Wall Universal Charger 4-Port 37W USB Type C with Smart IC

Get happy now that you are at the best ever mains charger of our selection. This is not only meant to charge your android phone, and to be specific the Huawei Mate 10 pro, but will also ensure that you use it with most USB cable due to high compatibility. It is light, small and slim to make it easy to travel with it. It has 3 ports of usb and 1 ports of type c output. With the type c output it gives you the full power of charging technology 3.1A.

What to look into when buying a mains charger for Huawei Mate 10 Pro


A good mains charger should be reliable and compatible to your Huawei Mate 10 pro. Also, it should be compatible with other phone models to increase its usability. And when we talk of compatibility, let’s focus on efficient charger since some chargers can charge a device but leave it with a destroyed charging system. So, reliability is an issue that must not be overlooked when buying a smartphones charger.

Affordability and durability

A nice wall charger should be easily accessed and affordable with long time services to make it beat the other brands in the market. Affordability is also significant when you have to consider the built quality. You need a sturdy charger with durable casing and charging cable that will enhance its longevity.

Safety and auto tuning

The best Huawei Mate 10 pro mains charger should have a protective feature that will ensure that it leaves you phone safe and secure. It should have an automatic safe mode tuning to prevent overheating.

Frequently asked question

  • Q: How will I ensure that the mains charger is safe and secure?
  • A: You will need to learn about its auto tuning technology to know whether it is safe.
  • Q: In case the charger has no auto tuning technology, how am I supposed to control its power?
  • A: After you discover that has no auto tuning design, you are supposed to ensure that it does not spend much while charging and in case of overheating, you are supposed to remove it from the AC supply.


Have you ever tried using a mains charger while charging your phone? This may be due to having a USB cable that is easily fixed to the wall charger. However, getting the best from the market is quite a strenuous task. Get into our selection and get the best mains charger to enjoy the best services ever.