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Top 10 Best LED Laser Headlights for Car 2018 Review


The best-LED laser headlights for the car will allow you drive safely at night. You may have noticed other drivers who use the LED lights tend to have bright lights than yourself. If you love traveling at night, then you need to check out top 10 best-LED laser headlights for car 2018 review and choose the best which can allow you see the road clearly as you drive. Here we have top three led headlights for your car which you can install and start enjoying bright light:

10. STK HB5 9007 LED Headlight Bulbs

They come in an all in one package where you access a conversion kit and the LED bulbs. 360 degrees beam ensures the road is brightly illuminated for you to drive comfortably. Easy installation design allows you to have them installed fast.

9. Alla Lighting UM-2018

If you are looking for led bulbs which can work well underwater, then you are right buying the bulbs. Waterproof construction makes them among the best bulbs you can buy if you drive under wet conditions.

8. Alla Lighting New

The bulbs are extremely bright. Driving under foggy conditions will be easy upon installing the headlights. They come when well labeled so that you can easily install them. Your ride under the dark will be very easy upon installation.

7. JDM ASTAR G2 8000 Lumens

The bulbs are extremely bright so that you can enjoy your drive. There is safety when driving under a well-illuminated road. The powerful bulbs make it easy for you to enjoy driving.


The all in one kit allows you to easily install the bulbs. With up to 8000 raw lumens, you will have a bright road for you to drive safely at night.

5. SiriusLED MX

It is a powerful bulb producing up to 800 lumens. The fog lamp conversion kit makes it easy for you to have a powerful fog light in place. The full aluminum body makes them highly durable.

4. ECCPP led Headlight Bulbs

They are super bright LED bulbs you can access your car. The clear arc beam bulbs are engineered to achieve high heat dissipation so that you can avoid overheating your headlamps casing. ECCPP are easy to install hence no need to panic upon buying.

3. Nileux HB4 9006 Led Headlight Bulb

The headlight bulb comes with a conversion kit so that you can easily fit it into your headlights. The technology used ensures you achieve up to 60 percent energy conversion into light. The aviation aluminum base ensures the system extends the heat dissipation so that your headlight does not overheat.


  • Special base design for easy fitting
  • You do not have to destroy the original lamp shelve so that you can install the laser LED lamps.
  • It has a special design which allows for easy installation.


  • High heath production
  • hence wasting energy

2. AUXITO Automobile 9005 LED Headlight

The bulbs come with an all in one kit where you access a conversion kit for you to easily fit the bulbs. LED chips in the bulb make the system very bright so that you can start enjoying your driving experience. Even if you drive in snow, the supper bright construction ensures you achieve the best light output.


  • No blind zones
  • The construction ensures up to 320 degrees light distribution hence no blind zones.
  • Unique aviation aluminum construction
  • The alloy ensures heat dissipation is of the highest level so that it can reduce heat at the headlights base.
  • Easy installation
  • The design allows you to just plug and switch on the lights. It saves you on money because you
    will not need a mechanic to install them.


  • May not fit to all car models hence you need to be careful when ordering

1. Philips 9006 CrystalVision Headlight Bulb

The headlight comes in two packs for you to achieve the best when driving. Remember you need
enough light. It produces bright white xenon light for you to see clearly as you drive in the dark. A blue cup at the base enhances the light so that your car appears unique. When it comes to placement, you need to do so in pairs so that you can achieve uniform lighting.


  • Unique blue cap
  • The blue cap enhances the light production. You will have a bright blue light for you to drive safely.
  • Quality assured
  • Philips is a company which has been in operation for long and they are known to produce quality products.


  • You need special care when installing them. They are delicate.

What are LED Laser Headlights for Car?

They are bulbs which employ LED technology in lighting the road as you drive. LED laser lights
employ the latest technology hence they offer the best illumination ever.

How to find the best-Led Laser Headlights for Car

For you to locate the best-LED laser headlights for the car, you should compare different models online.
Read customer reviews from where you can know the best model. We have listed the best three for you to choose the best.

Why buy LED Laser Headlights for Car

If you love driving at night, you need powerful headlights which can allow you see the road clearly.

The LED bulbs produce the strongest light when compared to other types of headlights.

Customers who are recommended to buy Led Laser Headlights for Car

If you drive in a snow covered road, then you need to install the bright headlights.