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Top 10 Best Gas Mask 2018 Review

A good protection from dust and pollen grains is useful for avoiding allergies and other nasty reactions that can make you ill for weeks on end. If you tend to work or operate around a place that is overgrown with flowers, wheat or there is a factory or painting in progress nearby, you will need to have one of the following gas masks.

Top 10 Best Gas Mask 2018 Review

10. Activated carbon dust mask:

A dustproof filtration air exhaust gas and anti-pollen allergy air filter mask for outdoor activities. Carbon activated military grade N95 N99 washable respirator breathing mask. Made from an elastic material and fits most people.

9. Joyutoy safety mask:

Anti-dust paint respirator with eyeshade. It keeps you insulated from external influence including pollen and dust that causes allergy. It has an easy design that makes it easy to put on without adjustments.

8. New Daniu 6200 N95:

A gas mask and respirator with a double filter. Ideal for work or living conditions that are too dry or dusty and the double filter layer ensures you breathe clean air.

7. CDR 4500 Elite gas mask:

Ideal for both kids and adults with a comfortable, robust design as well as an excellent fit. It is used in biological and nuclear applications. It has been built with medical protection in mind which means it is dust and pollen-proof.

6. North by Honeywell:

A full facepiece respirator that is available in medium and large sizes. Allows for easy breathing and worker comfort by limiting the re-breathing of exhaled air.

5. German Civilian Draeger FPS 7000 full face mask:

Has an unobstructed field of vision for any application. It sets the standards in protection, comfort, and personal safety.

4. Elope Gas Mask:

Easy to wash and maintain and includes a pair of goggles. It is also lightweight and does not cause stress while it is worn making it preferable for outdoor activities.

3. VILONG Airsoft full mask:

Does not affect visual judgment while worn and has much space inside. Includes anti-impact features built in for ensuring safety for the wearer and has high longevity.

2. VILONG Airsoft Mask Outdoor Sports Tactical Paintball Mask:

Ideally designed for outdoor sports, this mask has a comfortable fit on the wearer and gives them ease to breathe regardless of their present conditions or surroundings.

1. Unigear Dust Mask:

Ideal for protection against dust, pollen grains, and vehicle exhaust. It is adjustable for fitting most people and does not easily slip off. It can be worn by both men and women and filters out dust from air thus assuring good health in any living condition.


In brief, the above are a few gas masks to keep your respiratory health in perfect working condition all throughout the season regardless of where you live and the kind of weather you are experiencing.