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Top 10 best electronic dart boards in 2019 review

Electronic dart boards are progressively turning into the favored diversion with regards to playing the round of darts. This sort of diversion utilizes the most recent innovation to empower robotized scoring, to show the scores of different players, give a more extensive selection of recreations to play and sound impacts. The majority of these dart boards have surfaces that require the utilization of delicate tip darts. These darts are perfect for use by youthful players since they are more secure to use than steel tip darts.

Top 10 best electronic dart boards in 2018 review

10. Arachnid

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 highlights a direction estimate 15.5-inch target region for competition style play. The exemplary red, dark and yellow of the objective region are trademarked competition hues for a great look that you can just get from Arachnid! Miniaturized scale Thin Segment Dividers increment the scoring capability of the board by decreasing the event of bob outs. With enhanced player execution and less baffling skip outs, the Cricket Pro 800 offers the best playing background.

9. Viper by GLD Products

Bleeding edge innovation joins a portable application Scoreboard out of the blue. Unparalleled development highlights 13-inch target confront, sunken fragment openings to decrease skip outs, and target tried extreme sections to withstand your hardest tosses over and over.

8. Fat Cat by GLD Products

With 34 recreations and 183 scoring choices, the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard packs enough diversion for every one of your loved ones. The bureau highlights worked in openings to store four finish sets and additional expansive LCD cricket scoreboard for the simple survey. Mercury electronic dartboard likewise includes inward fragment openings, digital play with five expertise levels, and simple to peruse control board. Comes prepared to play with six darts, six save tips, control connector, diversion manual, and mounting equipment.


Regardless of if you rehearse or simply play for no particular reason, this makes it live as though you were taking a savage competition. Have fun from the specific first moment. WINMAX has unconditional presents for you, similar to darts and delicate tips. You can hone straight away and mess around with this mainstream diversion. Ultra-thin don’t mean low quality yet despite what might be expected to lessen ricochet outs and accomplishes higher scores. This block is appropriate for to 8 players. Regardless of your need to play with your family or companions, this board works.

6. Franklin Sports

The Franklin sports FS6000 electronic dart block highlights to 176 varieties to the session of darts. This board comes prepared to play and incorporates six delicate tip darts and six substitution tips. The darts fit effectively into the inherent holder, and the simple hanging framework mounts in a moment or two. It has an official cricket electronic scoreboard, and the amusement list is shown on the front board. Power connector included. Darts is an Adult game; it is unsafe for kids to play without supervision.

5. Best Choice Products

Toss a bullseye and settle the score today! Electronic darts is the ideal relaxation sport for any man gives in, diversion room, or home bar. This across the board set incorporates all that you requirement for a considerable length of time of happiness. Play with the entire family, or welcome your companions over for a focused night-in. Incorporated electronic LCD show monitors your group’s cricket score all through each diversion. Incorporates 12 darts, 6 of each shading, with worked away compartment for simple, tidy up and put away. Up to 8 players can appreciate 27 different diversions with 216 one of a kind varieties for a considerable length of time of excitement.A utomatically enters rest mode following 10 minutes without action to spare vitality when not being used

4. Hathaway

The Hathaway Magnum is a lightweight rendition of dart fun, tipping the scales at under 7-lbs. This item is anything but difficult to convey from place to put and can be controlled by either power or batteries. All you require is a spot to hang the board, and your fun starts. With a large group of amusement alternatives, this electronic scoring dartboard will suit up to 8 players. Accompanies 2 sets of delicate tip darts

3. Triumph Sports

This lumen-x 100 LCD electronic dartboard is the ideal expansion to any dart darling’s arcade room. The 13.5 dartboard accompanies an LCD show that keeps track of who’s winning, so you don’t need to! it can enable you and your companions to play up to 13 amusements! it is outfitted with Interactive moving LED lights for energizing amusement play. Included are 6 darts and substitution tips. Play in the I-coordinate PC rival diversion mode to rehearse your abilities while your companions aren’t anywhere near! you won’t ever be exhausted with this dartboard! this board is battery worked, included, so you’re good to go to play.

2. FDInspiration

This Fashionable Multifunctional and Portable Dartboard with score survey, 4 LED show and voice get out element, it accompanies 27 awesome amusements that come in 243 different varieties. Up to 16 players can play the electronic load up in the meantime. This item can give many long stretches of safe excitement for your entire family.


The board works with 4 AA batteries which is excluded. The dart board will enter rest (control sparing) mode if no key press or dart toss activity for 10 minutes. Any key activity or dart toss activity on the board will conscious the item. Up to 1-16 players can play the electronic load up in the meantime which can furnish your families and companions with long stretches of gaming fun.


There are many different brands available and the value you pay will be impacted by the sort of highlights you need in your board. Some propelled highlights incorporate bother, discretionary intelligent annoy, voice incite, score show and various player. These are a portion of the highlights that have improved and recognized the utilization of these boards.